January Wishlist

These January sales have been tempting me to go hog wild with online purchases, but I thankfully have restrained myself from acts of instant gratification. (However, I did give in and buy those Indira Platform Sandals.) I used to work as a Stylist at AllSaints, and have always loved their merchandise, but the only item that really stuck out to me this season was their Black Aars Heels. I initially laid my eyes on them in person at AllSaints Malibu, and immediately went online to find out if they were still in stock. I have also been constantly checking out THPSHOP's jewels online ever since I stumbled upon their website. The ones listed below are seriously my favorites because of their ability to speak volumes with such simplicity. I'm sure not everyone would agree, but I feel these are such statement pieces that work to amplify any outfit without trying too hard. And who's NOT going to love earrings called "The Double Bey?" BEY is so BAE.

What's on your wishlist?