March Wishlist: Sustainability Spotlight


ACLER appeals more to those who love the minimalist aesthetic, but I decided to include it because of the very reason why the founders created this fashion label: "to rebel against two-dimensional cookie-cutter design (Jasmine Garnsworthy at StyleCaster)." The founders take 12 months to create each piece in order to avoid rushing the design process and continuously achieve its"organic sculptural shape and an ultimately refined minimalism" in its collections (Acler). That means slow fashion and not joining the majority in mass producing trendy fashion at the expense of the environment. Its pieces fall in the price range of $150-$495 - definitely not your average Zara, but much more affordable than runway brands.

I naturally gravitate towards brands with androgynous looks, architectural design, and a minimalist aesthetic, so this was a winner for me. The three pieces below were my favorites when looking through their inventory. I'd very seriously consider investing in a few pieces because I know they'd integrate very well into my wardrobe and last a lifetime (as long as I keep that white spotless... I'm a klutz!)


Titania Inglis is minimal in its positive environmental impact AND its aesthetic:

"Each garment is sewn in a small, family-owned factory in New York from high-quality, low-impact fabrics including Japanese organic cotton, Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and dead stock wool from the local garment industry. New styles are wear-tested to guarantee a flattering, comfortable fit and sturdy construction, ensuring that these un-basic pieces will be wardrobe staples for years to come." -Titania Inglis

I constantly seek out ready-to-wear pieces that speak volumes and can stand alone yet have minimal design. Titania Inglis continuously achieves that with its clean, natural aesthetic and rock influence. How awesome is that seamless wing-like integration into that jacket on the left? Or the intricacies of that laser top? Each garment is so thoughtfully designed but not overworked. Titania Inglis's price range resembles that of Acler, so that's another thing to keep in mind when considering what to add to your wardrobe.


Now, you don't have to spend a fortune to have a minimalist wardrobe - it's all about consuming LESS and maybe even considering investing in sustainable fashion brands to support their positive environmental and social impact (you can check out my other blog post listing the reasons why you should convert your wardrobe to minimalism). Mainstream brands like H&M and Top Shop have created separate, eco-friendly lines to make sustainable fashion more accessible to the average consumer. ASOS has a whole section on their website dedicated to its "eco-friendly edit of sustainable fashion, accessories and beauty buys, sourced from across the globe (ASOS)."

There were so many affordable options, so it was hard to narrow down my list. I think from the three pieces I chose, it's becoming pretty apparent that I love loose-fitting, flowy garments and am mostly allergic to tight, form-fitting outfits.


Matt & Nat is another affordable brand that is actually eco-friendly, animal-friendly, and vegan. The founders demonstrate their transparency and authenticity with several pages of thorough descriptions of their production processes, materials, and company values. They also continuously experiment with recycled materials to discover novel ways of creating eco-friendly goods.

I have actually been looking for a wristlet FOREVER and happened to find the Mercer for $75 - not bad! And it fits your iPhone 6+ (YES). I've also been looking for another set of black sandals since my last pair started ripping so these are definitely on my list of daily must-haves.

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