4 Easter Outfit Ideas Without Floral Prints

Easter is rolling around the corner, and I've been thinking about what I'd wear for Easter Sunday when I visit family in Arizona. The first thing that comes to mind is floral prints and pastel colors, but.... floral isn't really my thang. So the natural response to this train of thought was to go all out in pastel colors, and I began to research online for some inspiration. For those like me who aren't the biggest fans of bright floral prints, here are 4 Easter Sunday outfits that can fit your style and any family/ church occasion.

I've been loving the monochromatic pantsuit look, and decided to switch it up with a sleeveless blazer and matching fur stole for some added luxury and texture. I went pretty minimal with the accessories because I didn't want to detract from the outfit. My personal style tends to fall in line with the belief that "Less is more."

Culottes and marble prints have been popular for a while now, and don't seem like they'll be going away anytime soon. I actually have been really into these two trends, and am still on a search for a good pair of culottes. Again, I chose blush and white in the spirit of Easter with a subtle pop from the marble clutch. It's definitely a comfortable, effortless look that's appropriate for any family or church events you may be going to without being too dressed up.

This is definitely another option for Easter without being too feminine. The light blue leather jacket adds just the right amount of edginess to another monochromatic white outfit without coming off too harsh. Add some natural tones to complement the browns in the mules, and voila. You're all set.

For someone that wants a more funky take on their outfit for Easter weekend, here's an awesome marble midi skirt that easily stands alone. I wanted to edge it up a little more so I added chunky leather platform sandals with tread, and a unique take on the leather cuff. I LOVE this skirt.

Which outfit is your favorite?
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