Everlane Wishlist

Ever since I started working full-time (which was 1-2 months ago, ICYMI), I have sought out functionality and comfort over style more than ever before. My job requires me to constantly be on my feet, so I've only been reaching for the most durable and comfortable pieces that will endure a full day's work. You guys are well aware of my love for Everlane, but my interests have only peaked with the unique requirements of my daily life now, and I just had to share my current favorites (and hopefully future purchases, fingers crossed).

I'm totally in love with these pieces because each product looks polished and can stand on its own, yet can be styled and accessorized SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. Talk about versatility, eh? Scroll down to check out my picks along with some styling ideas. This is only one in a million ways you can dress it up or down, so go crazy. In the end, if you love how you look, that's all that really matters. YOU DO YOU, BOO.


How would you style one of my dress picks?

Let me know in the comments below; I'd love to hear your ideas!
(I might even feature it in a look in my next blog post)