Summer Staple Series: Handbags

Hey minimalistas,

Sorry for the delay in new posts! Life has been taking crazy turns, and I'm finally starting to get back into a routine and get accustomed to this new schedule. In case you haven't been following, I've been doing a blog series of eco-friendly essentials to form the foundation of your summer wardrobe (check out my posts on Dresses & Sandals!).

Scroll down below for my latest finds of sustainably produced handbags to stock up your summer closet! I've scoured the internet for some stylish & eco-friendly goods that would work for your most common summer occasions, so be glad to know that you'll be putting your money towards a good cause while looking fab at social events.

1. beach lounging

2. casual weekends

3. girl's night out

Which handbag was your favorite in each category?

Let me know in the comments below!