Photography by   Miranda Kelton  .

Photography by Miranda Kelton.

Hi, there! I’m Erin.

To be honest, I never thought that I'd be working independently with small businesses, but it all makes sense when I look back at my upbringing. I grew up riding along with my dad in his dilapidated truck, carrying around pool equipment and supplies, and tagging along home to home to clean people's pools and spas. I remember spending late afternoons sticking address labels on hundreds of postcards and flyers with my dad, thinking about how I would word things differently, or perhaps create a better design.

As a kid, I remember passing by restaurants and shops thinking, "Why would they brand their shop like that? Why would they design their interiors that way when they could be doing so much more?!" I always knew I had a knack for business and design, but I didn't know what that would look like in terms of a career, nonetheless expect it to lead me on my own journey of entrepreneurship. 

After an amazing time studying Integrated Marketing Communications and Spanish at Pepperdine University (fun fact: I speak four languages), and working in a variety of capacities in marketing, I noticed an increasing need for digital marketing help for local shops and brands. I also couldn't ignore the longing to start my own business and curiosity to see where it'd take me, so I finally made the jump in April 2017. 

Since then, I've been so blessed to work with creatives and companies from very diverse industries, and I'm so excited to continue to provide value however I can, whether it be through a consultation, a blog/social media post, or an ongoing business relationship. If you’d like to potentially work together, send me an email! I can’t wait to hear from you!