5 Ways to Reach Your Full Potential

5 Ways To Reach Your Full #GirlBoss Potential

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm all about female leads in films, #girlbosses, & womentrepreneurs. Today is International Women's Day, so I thought it was only appropriate to post a few tips about how to be the best WOMAN you can be. 

I'm not only referring to C-level executives and female business owners; I'm talking to EVERY woman with ambitions. We all have a level of authority and influence over something and someone in our daily lives. A volunteer at a non-profit organization has authority over the responsibilities she holds, and is an influence to every person she encounters. A mother of 3 has incredible influence and authority over her children's and husband's lives through the way she runs her household. You get the gist.

These are 5 tips I've collected along my journey from mentors and leaders in my life, and it has propelled me to another level in my efforts to reach my goals.


Never, ever stop learning. There is always something new you can learn to add to your resume, facilitate your workload, or even help you make that jump to switch careers. Especially with how fast-paced everything has become with constantly emerging technology, you NEED to keep gaining new skills to stay ahead and current. By the time I finished college, I realized that it was only the BEGINNING of my education and that I wouldn't be competitive in the job market if I didn't focus my efforts on differentiating myself from the crowd.


In my weekly bible study group, my pastor challenged us to find a way to help someone out at least once a week. It didn't matter how big or small the deed was, but he emphasized the need to be intentional about seeking those opportunities to help someone.  I didn't do anything crazy generous; I just helped out in the little ways that I could like paying for someone's lunch, giving up an hour of my time to be a listening ear, and offering my connections to benefit someone's career. The intentionality in seeking ways to help and living that out in baby steps have led to amazing opportunities like new business connections, mentorships, and job offers, to name a few. There's a reason why there are sayings like "What goes around comes around"; those good deeds are somehow reciprocated to fulfill needs in your life, and you also learn so much from those experiences in the process. When you put yourself out there for the sole purpose of doing good for your neighbor, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities that you would've never expected.


A few months ago, I found out that I had prehypertension. That definitely freaked me out because I never had issues with high blood pressure before. It was a wake-up call, and I decided to make some changes to combat that before it got any worse. In December 2015, I had already started the Ketogenic diet (if you guys want to learn more about that, I can write a post; just comment below!) but also decided to start a running program to aid in my efforts. Within 3 months, my blood pressure returned to the normal range, and I no longer have prehypertension! I also gained a new stress outlet and physically feel much better. I'd always say to my husband that there is no medicine or food in the world that can make me feel the way I do after a run.

My point is that if there's something in your life that you want to change, go for it. If it seems too daunting for you, take baby steps. JUST DO SOMETHING. Drink one more glass of water a day. Breathe and pause for 10 seconds before you react if you have anger issues. You only benefit yourself when you make these small changes, and some days if you feel that it doesn't have any impact, IT DOES. The very act of initiating these small changes makes it easier for you mentally to take another step towards your goals. Once you conquer one small feat, you will feel even more empowered and determined to take on that next step.


I had dealt with phases of depression as a natural reaction to many of the difficult situations I had to deal with. However, what brought me out of that place was actively speaking out what I was thankful for. It became a daily required activity, and there were definitely some days that I REALLY DIDN'T want to do it. However, the routine reinforced the change in perspective to focus only on the positives and to work off of that. Everyone has to deal with ups and downs, sometimes a crappy job, or struggles to fight the feeling of being stuck in a situation. When you mentally and emotionally change the way you FEEL about yourself and your situation from negative to positive, it will slowly but surely manifest itself physically because YOU will make those changes, whether it may be consciously or subconsciously. YOU will figure out ways to handle the crappy parts of that situation, and build off the positive aspects that you're thankful for to eventually deliver you from that place.


Life is more than just responsibilities, money, work, and bills. It's also about family, love, and joy. Many people claim they don't have time to take up that project they've been meaning to start, or get back to playing their favorite sport, yet they spend hours watching TV or scrolling through social media. We just need to make it a priority to devote time to those things we enjoy doing; TREAT YOURSELF! Treat it like a weekly appointment; reserve an hour or two every week to focus your time on that one thing. As #girlbosses, we need to learn how to REST! It's so important for our mental clarity, emotional fulfillment, and our self confidence because you'll have established a discipline in your life that you've STUCK TO and finished those things you've put off for so long.

What is one thing that YOU want to learn or change in your life?