On Track

It's moments like these when I know I am hopelessly, perpetually infatuated with fashion. I was folding up some laundry when I spotted a pair of track pants I had seen my hubby sport around the house, and it dawned on me: the perfect set of on-trend track pants were hiding in my husband's closet all... this... time. I immediately grabbed them out of his hands and said, "These are now MINE." He claims he's had them since college... "if not high school." Oh... the joy that comes from getting my paws on someone's old pair of athletic wear and incorporating them into my own wardrobe. Did I mention the gold chain necklace was also bought from a thrift store in Arizona? 😎 Everyone from Gucci to Target is selling a pair these days, so whatever your budget, I'm sure you'll find a pair that fits your closet and your budget below.

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