Don't Look Back

To be honest, it definitely took me a while to truly appreciate Santa Barbara's aesthetic. Coming from Los Angeles's chaotic, concrete jungle, I found beauty in dirty streets and jarring buildings. Santa Barbara was too clean, too homogeneous, too picturesque... if that even makes sense. I missed my Hollyw(eir)d friends, Korean food, and glamorous nightlife. However my (almost 3 already?!) years have been such a formative part of my personal and creative development, and I feel like every superfluous element that clouded my identity has been stripped away. Believe me, I'll always be an LA girl at heart, but it gives me great joy to finally be able to let go and be open to the possibilities that await in the Central Coast.

What have you needed to let go of in the past in order to move forward?
Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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