Museum of Ice Cream

Hi ladies,

This will probably be the most pink you'll ever see in a blog post of mine, but it was absolutely necessary for my trip to the pop-up Museum of Ice Cream! I just happened to stumble upon this blush silk robe from Bebe during my last long weekend getaway to Las Vegas, and I knew it'd be perfect to wear for my visit to DTLA.

I don't know what I really expected from the Museum of Ice Cream, but I guess I thought that there would be a little bit of history incorporated in the event. Instead, it was really more of an excuse to *snap snap snap* away for Instagrammers, bloggers, and Angelenos... but I loved it! The sensory experience of art installations, ice cream samples, and interactive rooms transformed every person into a 5 year old version of themselves.

It was also great to see a taste of Santa Barbara: McConnell's Ice Cream had its own dedicated space in the beginning to set a sweet tone for the rest of the tour. We ended the tour with a brief soak in the *SPRINKLE* pool, which proved to be the cherry on top, icing on the cake, lol. Sorry, I just had to! I would normally include a link with more information about the museum, but it looks like all their tickets are sold out. However, you still can shop their ridiculously adorable and fun-filled ice cream accessories here.

P.S.: I DIDN'T REALIZE until today that my sister and I were totally hanging out next to Rob Scheppy, one of the Kardashian's makeup artists! I wasn't 100% positive that it was him until I checked his Instagram today and recognized that pink tank he was wearing at the museum. And for those of you that want proof: my sister just pointed out that she's the dorky, striped asian girl flailing her arm in the background here.

'til next time,

- Erin



silk robe: BEBE | slip: TOBI | joggers: ZARA | sandals: CHARLES & KEITH |
necklace: THPSHOP | watch: MICHAEL KORS