Hometown Feels

This last weekend was my aunt's birthday, so Hubby & I drove down to LA and I got to visit the city I grew up in: Glendale. It brought back a lot of high school memories. Just down the block from where these photos were taken is the Glendale Public Library, where I'd spend many days after school studying with my girlfriends. It's crazy to think how much had changed since then (I'm 23 now), not just in my life but in Glendale too. I love these streets because they're what I remember of Glendale, and they still remain untouched by the creeping commercialism that it's been experiencing lately.

I decided to throw on this poncho sweater because it's so comfortable and is dressy enough by itself, and of course I love neutrals. I tend to stray away from wearing any bright colors; my closet mostly consists of black, black, & black. Did I mention black? So of course, had to add that pop of color with my Zara reversible tote. I actually had been using it the entire time with the beige side outwards, and this was the first time I sported it around with the orange side out.


Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Levi's Black 710 Super Skinny /
Shoes: Zara Wide Heel Sandals / Purse: Zara Tote

PC: Full Frame Photographs