Seattle Diaries

Seattle's infamously dreary and wet climate didn't stop my husband and I from booking this trip in April. Although the weather wasn't always the most welcoming, the city made us feel right at home. If you've never been, we recommend visiting during the summer, which the locals say is the best time to take advantage of everything that Seattle has to offer. If you guys were following along with my updates via Instagram, some of these shots might look familiar to you, but here's a recap for those of you who missed out!

One of my favorite places to visit was definitely Volunteer Park, where we were able to check off multiple things on our to-do list. Our first destination was the water tower pictured above (I was rushing to finish my coffee 😜). There were multiple entrances with spiraling stairs leading to the top of the water tower, and beautiful brick openings to peek out along our trek. Once we reached the top, we were able to get a beautiful view of the city, and we were pleasantly surprised to find we were the only ones there.

Our 2nd stop came highly recommended from my husband's cousin, Sonja (check out her photography, she's amazing). The Volunteer Park Conservatory was worth. every. dollar... 4 dollars to be exact. Believe me when I say that I took way more photos than I've included in this post, but I'd bore you guys senseless with the endless shots of plants and cacti. The unexpected 70 degrees of warmth and humidity were a nice escape from that day's wind and drizzle.


With the intermittent rain and amount of walking we did that day, the only logical choice was to throw on a thick wool coat over a hoodie and some sneakers. I wasn't able to find my coat or hoodie anywhere online, but I managed to find similar styles below to recreate the look.

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Another A


It looks like my Ganni camel coat is sold out everywhere, so I wanted to share the Boxy Wool Basic Coat from ANOTHER A. If you don't own a camel coat just yet, I definitely recommending getting one of your own. The color pairs so well with neutrals, or even a monochromatic red outfit, and is a great layering piece for work or travel.


5 words: elevated comfort food, Seattle style. Originally a local food truck team, they have multiple locations all over Seattle serving locally sourced comfort food along with uniquely concocted cocktails, beer, and wine. This was our first stop after getting off the plane, and it was the perfect break after our non-stop morning of traveling. I ordered the highly recommended Fried Chicken Sammy, which came with the ideal portion of tomato bisque to complement the entree (as seen above). I'm already salivating as I think about it. If you're ever in Seattle, make sure to hit up this Seattle favorite - they have amazing brunch options too.


For only $8, we had a beautiful round trip across the open waters of Puget Sound, as well as an amazing view of the Seattle skyline. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to explore Bainbridge Island that day, but the trip itself was an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Another note: LA's got nothin' on Seattle when it comes to commuting. I had never heard of a commute that consisted of transportation by car / bike and ferry until I arrived to Seattle. You could imagine the shock I had when I saw maybe 100 cars and 50-60 cyclists riding off the ferry to their next destination on Bainbridge Island.

I felt it was only appropriate to end this post with coffee 😜 While exploring Downtown Seattle, we happened to walk by Seattle Coffee Works, one of Seattle's oldest specialty coffee roasters. I can't remember exactly which brew we ordered, but we were told it was the sweetest option on the menu... and it tasted nothing like any coffee I'd ever had in my life. It was almost like tea, strangely. I highly recommend visiting to check out their famous manual brewing process and for the tasting experience.

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