Sustainability Spotlight: Bohemia

What I'm about to say is an understatement: I'm obsessed with this brand I recently came across online. I haven't been into bohemian style since college (or more specifically, since my year spent in South America). However, due to the rise of boho-inspired trends and the influence of this specific brand, I've miraculously converted and have been exercising self-control to prevent myself from adorning my entire apartment with Moroccan rugs and hammam towels.

Meet Bohemia: a fashion and home accessories company that was "established to build relationships with artisan producers and through these collaborations help to support meaningful employment and ensure the survival of awe-inspiring traditional crafts." Not only are they eco-friendly / sustainable / ethical in their production, but they also sell their goods at AMAZING prices. It's difficult to shop sustainable fashion without requiring sacrificing an arm and a leg (which further delineates the intention of buying less and being more conscious with our spending), but the reality is that some people just can't afford to be spending that much money on clothing.

I recently purchased the Mini Moroccan Pom Pom Basket and... wait for it... it only cost $29. Hold the phone. WHAT? Yes. If you check their baskets section, they have a huge variety of sizes and styles to fit whatever need you may have, and the larger baskets aren't that much higher in price. They also have an amazing collection of shoes and jewelry that you won't find at your average retailer (these shoes are currently on my wishlist). I do have one complaint though - they don't sell any ready-to-wear clothing 😭 So I'm putting it out there, guys (and sending them this blog post) with the hope that maybe one day my wish will materialize 😜 But In all seriousness, I was thoroughly pleased with my little basket bag, and I definitely recommend you take a peek if you've been loving the basket bag trend and have been vying for your own! 

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dress: GANNI | basket bag: BOHEMIA | slides: ANCIENT GREEK SANDALS